Beret Hat Pattern

Beret Hat Pattern

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You knit this hat flat so you can use ANY Size and ANY Shape LOOM ! 

Elegant and Chic. This is a great project that looks beautiful on any member of the family. Wear it from winter straight into the summer.

Includes a link to a step by step VIDEO TUTORIAL so even an advanced beginner can make it.

LOOM: Any Large Gauge Loom with 24 Pegs. I used a Small 24-peg Loom
YARN: Approximately 240 yards of worsted weight yarn
HOOK: Any Loom Hook
YARN NEEDLE: Yarn Needle, Stitch Markers
STITCHES: Knit , Purl, K2tog, Wrap and Turn
SIZE: Approximately 7 inches in length and 22 inches in circumference with instruction to adjust the size of the hat top or brim.
SKILL: Advanced Beginner to Intermediate
VIDEO: Link/s in the Pattern

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Enjoy your Pattern. Contact me if you have any questions.
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