Loom Knit Comfort Doll Little Lady Pattern made with a 24 peg loom. Copyright Loomahat

Little Lady Comfort Doll aka Izzy Duzuza Softies Doll Pattern

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Comfort Dolls are also known as Izzy Dolls, Duzuza Dolls and sometimes as Softies. They are a great way to use your left-over yarn.

There is a little hand sewing involved but nothing the average person can not handle.

Note that the Video Link is for the Basic Comfort Doll but the Pattern and Details are for the doll in the feature picture.

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SKILL LEVEL Advanced Beginner
SIZE: Approximately 8 inches in height.
STITCHES: Knit Stitch (Flat and eWrap)
LOOM: Small 24-Peg Loom
YARN:  95 Yards of worsted weight and Embroidery Floss for Eyes and Mouth
TOOLS: Loom Hook, Crochet Hook, Sewing Needle

 Enjoy your Pattern. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Copyright, Denise M. Canela for LoomaHat.com, all rights reserved on patterns and images