Yo Yo Circles and Hexagon Pattern

Yo Yo Circles and Hexagon Pattern

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All my life I have seen yo yo quilts and loved the cute little circles of many colors. So much fun. Well get your box of scarp yarn and your 24 peg loom and get ready to make lots of cool projects.

As a bonus the pattern includes Hexagon shaped yo-yos. You can connect these on several sides to make an awesom blanket, table runner, the list is endless. 

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STITCHES:  Knit, Purl

LOOM: 24-peg Knitting Loom.

YARN: Approximately 8 yards (4 g) of Worsted Weight.

TOOL:  Loom Hook, Yarn Needle, Scissors and optional Stitch Marker

SIZE:Approximately 2.25 inches in diameter

VIDEO: Links in the Pattern

Enjoy your Pattern. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
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