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Hi there sweet Looma ! I am Denise Canela-White, a wife, a mother to two awesome children, a full-time pattern designer and part-time video creator. Our little family currently lives in the rural part of the Florida Panhandle with our two feisty cats, Tanner and Gin.

I learned about loom knitting in 2010 during a store product demonstration. The Knifty Knitter representative gave me a quick ten minute lesson which did not include how to close the hat because dinner time was quickly approaching and it was time to head out the door.  I had to figure out the technique myself with the little booklet that's included in the kit. It wasn't terribly difficult but I knew that learning that step would have been easier if I could have seen the rep actually closing the loom knit hat. Once I got over that hurdle I was hooked! This was fail-proof knitting even with my attention disorder. I could imagine all the charities that could benefit from this craft. I was making hats while I watched TV, listened to the radio, rode along in the car (not driving), sat in my backyard and enjoyed a clear afternoon.

I didn't go into full swing until early 2012 which is when I considered myself an actual loom knitter. I stepped off the hat train to discover a world of loom knit gear, accessories, home decor, and toys.  Scarves gloves, dolls, pillows, and sweaters appeared in my horizon. I needed to teach others how easy it was for anyone to knit. I remembered how I had wished that I could have SEEN the rep finish the hat and so by 2013 I was on YouTube.

Loom knitting is now  my business and my charitable work (an important part of who I am) because it lends itself for so many easy projects. I have been able to include them in my gift filled boxes through Operations Christmas Child and to send them with missionaries to places where temperatures are unbelievably cold and where they can be extremely hot. I have taught others and they have given their local Humane Society blankets for pets, Afghans for wheelchair Veterans, and little hats to Hospital Nurseries for their premature babies, among so many others. It's the reason why I loom and teach loom knitting. 

Visit my website to follow my loom knitting adventures: LoomaHat.com

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